Behavioral-based plagiarism prevention

Many programs detect potential plagiarism after-the-fact, but only one stops plagiarism at the source.

Authentic Author monitors writing behaviors and immediately alerts students when a citation or paraphrasing is needed.

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Writing Integrity

Monitor student writing and address potential integrity issues in real-time

Traditional plagiarism detection software isn’t getting the job done. False positives are common, the reports are nearly indecipherable, and there is widespread confusion about what the different plagiarism “scores” even mean.

When plagiarism is as easy as "select, right click, copy, paste," what we really need is a tool that helps students avoid plagiarism in the first place.

Authentic Author works proactively to prevent plagiarism by focusing on student writing behaviors and alerting students in real-time when a passage might require citation or paraphrasing.

student accountability

No more copying and pasting incognito. Students must indicate whether the content is original thought or taken from another source.

instructor tools

Instructors can see what was pasted into a paper, the source, and exactly how that pasted content was edited or wordsmithed by the student.

Plagiarism Prevention

Put the focus on student comprehension, not student apprehension

Real-time Alert

When students paste content, they immediately see an alert that reminds them that they must provide a citation for outside sources.

Source Confirmation

Students must identify the pasted content as being either original thought or from an outside source (with the option to provide a description).

Source Identification

Identify the source of pasted content (website, Word, Google Doc, etc.) and search the pasted content on Google with a single click.

Instructor Review

Instructors have the option to see a detailed view of a student's paper, showing them what was pasted, edited, added, and deleted.

Side-by-Side Comparison

Instructors can easily compare content as originally pasted into the paper against the final version as edited and submitted by the student.

Pasted Content %

The percentage of content pasted in the paper appears in the SpeedGrader, so instructors can quickly determine if there is reason to take a closer look.


Some answers to commonly asked questions

  • With Authentic Author, students write and submit their papers directly in Canvas using the text submission option (instructors must select this as the only submission option). This submission option provides a full rich text editor and will auto-save student work. When students paste content, they will be asked to indicate the source, and they will have the option to provide a description. In all other ways, this submission option is the same as preparing a paper in Word, Google Docs, or similar writing program.

  • None! Authentic Author does not use or collect any student data. All student data remains solely in Canvas.

  • When an instructor opens up the SpeedGrader, they will see a Pasted Content % for the paper (i.e., the percentage of the paper comprised of pasted content), which enables them to quickly determine if there is reason to take a closer look. The instructor can then select "Compare Pasted Words" or "Pasted Content Overview" from the dropdown options.

    The "Compare Pasted Words" option shows what content was pasted by the student and how the student edited that content. When pasted content is unedited, it is displayed as yellow, highlighted text. When any part of the pasted content was deleted, it is displayed as red, strikethrough text. When the student adds to any part of the pasted content, it is displayed as green, underlined text.

    The "Pasted Content Overview" option provides a high level overview, but for each paste event it includes: (a) a side-by-side view of the original pasted text and the pasted text as edited, (b) whether the student identified the pasted content as being original thought or from an outside source (and a description if provided by the student), (c) the source of the pasted content, and (d) a button to easily search the pasted content on Google.

  • Not at all! You can be up and running in just three steps: (1) purchase a subscription to Authentic Author, (2) add the Authentic Author script to your LMS theme, and (3) add the unique Authentic Author code to the end of the assignment description in which you want to use the tool.

  • When using Authentic Author, an instructor can turn off the student confirmation dialoque box (where the student is required to identify the pasted content as being their own original thought or from an outside source).

  • The cost for an Authentic Author subscription is based on the size of your institution and the number of classes offered. Please contact us for a quote.

  • Authentic Author is currently only available for Canvas.

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