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Online instructors need the very best tools to meet the challenges of today's virtual classroom.

That's exactly why we built (k)NudgingAI, a one-of-a-kind, 24/7 teaching assistant.

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Create remarkably engaging replies in a fraction of the time

The past several years has seen a seismic shift to online learning with instructors in the figurative eye of the storm.

Even the most experienced struggle to go beyond making general replies in online discussions, especially if their goal is to thoughtfully and meaningfully engage most or all students . . . but not anymore.

(k)NudgingAI makes it easy for instructors to fully engage ALL of their students in an online discussion forum by drafting a preliminary reply on demand, specifically tailored to a student's post.

simple to use

With just a few clicks, (k)NudgingAI will suggest a reply, insert the suggested reply directly into the text editor, and include a personalized student greeting.

instruction unleashed

With a preliminary reply pre-loaded, instructors have the time to fully apply their expertise and create truly memorable teachable moments!

Virtual Teaching Assistant

Use contextualization to integrate just the right learning strategy

Ask a Question

Encourage students to refine or expand their analysis by including a question to drive further engagement with the discussion topic.


When a post is cursory, or just misses the mark, make suggestions for exploring different approaches or considering different applications.

Teach by Example

If students are struggling to grasp a concept or theory, include examples to show how they can be applied in real-world situations.


When a student's post demonstrates strong analysis or thoughtful application, recognize the quality and effort with special praise.

Contrary View

Help students explore different perspectives and ideas and discover potential flaws or weaknesses in their thinking.


Create a more general reply to keep the discussion open and flexible to encourage students to ask questions and build on the discussion.

Food for Thought

Help students develop a more holistic view of a topic and gain a greater appreciation for the interconnectedness of related ideas.


Create a positive,supportive environment by showing empathy when students share their thoughts, feelings, or vulnerabilities.


Focus on a particular concept by including a keyword or phrase, or select from a list of concepts related to the discusion prompt.


Some answers to commonly asked questions

  • When an instructor clicks to begin a reply to a student post, (k)NudgingAI inserts a new button into the LMS. Clicking on this button opens the (k)NudgingAI dialogue and displays a panel with contextualization options (such as providing an example or adding keywords/phrases). Once any options have been selected, the instructor clicks the “create” button. Within just a few seconds, (k)NudgingAI inserts a suggested reply directly into the text editor, along with a personalized student greeting. The instructor then reviews/edits/modifies the reply before clicking the “submit” button, or the instructor can click the “create” button again to see an entirely new suggested reply.

  • This is a really important question. The answer is “no.” While (k)NudgingAI is beyond cool, it is–at its core–just a teaching assistant (a role that has been around for centuries). The instructor decides when to launch the tool, how to contextualize the prompt, and what to use from the response. Just like in the case of a traditional teaching assistant, (k)NudgingAI is only making a suggestion: the instructor makes (and is responsible for) the final decision.

  • (k)NudgingAI utilizes the OpenAI framework to create suggested replies based upon parameters selected by the instructor for each student post.

  • There is a base cost for the (k)NudgingAI subscription based on the size of your institution and number of classes offered. In addition, there is a fee for each reply created, which averages around one cent ($0.01). Contact us to get an estimate for your institution.

  • Not at all! You can be up and running in just four steps: (1) purchase a subscription to (k)NudgingAI, (2) add the (k)NudgingAI script to your LMS theme, (3) create an account with OpenAI, and (4) provide us with your API key to tie your OpenAI account to your (k)NudgingAI subscription.

  • (k)NudgingAI is currently compatible with Canvas, Moodle, and Blackboard Learn.

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