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We set our collective experience on completely reimagining the online discussion forum.

The result is (k)NudgingDQ.

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The elephant in the online classroom

The standard LMS discussion forum has become the “busy work” of online courses.

There. We've said it. It's out in the open.

A relic from days gone by, it is consistently rated the least effective component of online learning.

confusing at best

The standard LMS discussion is a jumbled mess of branching posts - making it hard to follow and even harder to learn or teach.

mind-numbing at worst

Students and faculty alike approach online discussions as an activity to “get through” as opposed to an activity to “get something out of.”

(k)Nudging Discussions

Leveraging technology, not defined by it


With a library of customizable (k)Nudges, students get a helpful tip, new insights, support, or encouraging words just when they need it most.

Reimagined UI

Students can visualize an entire discussion in a single glance and quickly determine what posts or replies they’ve yet to engage with.

Automated Scoring

Measure—and score—a student’s interactions automatically based upon four predefined components designed to build community.


Notifications point students to posts or replies deserving of some extra attention, such as replies to them or posts from instructors.

Critical Thinking

Do more than merely count words . . . instantly evaluate student posts for evidence of critical thinking to encourage meaningful contributions.

Multiple Prompts

Multiple prompts make it easy to cover more topics in a single week and give students even more reason to return to see what’s new.

Class Insights

Class Insights enable instructors to create thought-provoking replies in advance and automatically inserts the most relevant reply.

Smart Feedback

Real-time, personalized, automated gradebook comments triggered when students reach different milestones in a discussion.

Plagiarism Prevention/Detection

Posts are checked for originality, classmate posts are non-copyable, and the source and content of pasted text is tracked.

How It Works

A real-time solution for online discussions

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  • Student Experience
  • Instructional Support
  • Content Creation

The Theory

Bringing the community of inquiry theory to life


cognitive presence

The discussion prompt is the catalyst that gets students to think, collaborate, and explore. With multiple prompts, the (k)Nudging app empowers students to choose where to lead with a main post, and where to engage with a reply, allowing them to construct their own learning pathway.

Study Group

social presence

The crux of an online discussion is creating a strong connection between students and faculty. It can't be a "one and done" process. The (k)Nudging app’s distinctive UI, helpful notifications, and real-time measurement of student interactions keeps the entire class motivated and on track.


teaching presence

Teaching online is an incredibly time-intensive activity, and no one can be online all day, every day . . . or can they? Whether using our library of (k)Nudges or their own unique (k)Nudges, faculty can establish a teaching presence in their course even when they can’t be present.


Some answers to commonly asked questions

  • No. Students simply click the link in their class to launch the (k)Nudging app. It’s as easy as that.

  • Yes. You can create custom (k)Nudges for any topic within a discussion. Otherwise, students will see a series of (k)Nudges selected from our library of over 400 unique writing/thinking tips and suggestions. You can also turn (k)Nudges off if you do not want to use them in a discussion.

  • Students earn points for making posts (Contribution), reading posts (Immersion), getting replies from classmates (Influence), and making posts free from grammatical or spelling errors (Writing Mechanics).

  • Yes. Scores are passed back to the gradebook automatically as students complete actions eligible to earn points in a discussion.

  • Yes. The scoring rubric is completely customizable. You can adjust the weighting and criteria for each component of the rubric.

  • Yes.The (k)Nudging app is fully mobile compatible. Students simply log into the app for their LMS and click on the link in their course to launch the (k)Nudging app. The (k)Nudging mobile app is in development.

  • The (k)Nudging app is an LTI-based application. This means that it works with any Learning Management System that is LTI compatible (e.g., Canvas, Moodle, Blackboard).

  • Yes, it's easy to pre-create content for course duplication and for use in future terms.

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